What Exactly Does Boutique Hotel Mean?

A boutique hotel is typically a small hotel with as little as ten rooms always in unique settings that have upscale accommodations and individualised USPs. Here are some of the other main characteristics of a boutique hotel.

Size – A Private Home For Visitors

A boutique hotel is generally smaller in size; this means that these hotels are intimate in scale and create the feeling of being a personal guest who is in a private home, instead of just a hotel occupant. A boutique hotel also comes with a communal living space, where hotel guests can interact.

Location – Visitors Get Closer to the City Highlights

A boutique hotel is usually located in high-end residential neighbourhoods or lively, upscale areas. They are usually centrally located and give guests good access to public transportation. Also, trendy boutique hotels can be found in resort areas that are isolated from the main tourist crowd.

Design – Guests will Love the Exclusive Amenities and Upscale Linens

The interior design and architecture of any boutique hotel are unique as their operations, but upscale and combine chic elegance with historic details. The lines may be quaint and homey, sleek and contemporary or sometimes an artistic amalgamation. A boutique hotel conveys a progressively forward style along with fastidious décor. When it comes to guestrooms, they will be individually decorated, and they will use upscale linens as well as exclusive amenities.

Service – Guests will Get Personalised Attention

The true hallmark of boutique hotels is personalised attention. Visitors who value high quality, individualised experience are well taken care of; the staff at a boutique hotel will always take an interest and cater to guests’ personal needs.

Gastronomy – Great Drinking and Dining Options for Visitors

The bars and restaurants found in a boutique hotel are trendy, hippy and locally-sourced. These dining drinking and dining spots offer high-quality authentic cuisine plus comfortable cocktail atmospheres.

Character – Enjoy Creative Guest Offerings

A boutique hotel has an eccentric personality. It is trendy and offbeat, fun and funky. The quirky sense of humour of a boutique hotel can be seen through creative guest offerings.

Culture – Visitors Will Get a Taste of the Local Flavour

Properties often have a unique vibe and are normally operated independently. They celebrate the local flavour, incorporating locally-sourced art and materials. A themed boutique hotel will build the whole guest experience, from service to decor, around a certain subject such as sport or fashion.

When it comes to looking for accommodation, the contemporary holidaymaker wants to have a great home-away-from-home experience. Such experience can only be enjoyed at boutique hotels, such as K West Hotel & Spa. This hotel offers many benefits like value for money, diverse service range, unique personality, personalised services, and much more.


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