5 Small Touches That Will Make Any Wedding Elegant

Simple and creative ideas can give a wedding that air of class that will make the event memorable. Next, we offer some suggestions.

A good wedding is in the details. The design of the invitation cards, the types of flowers at the tables and the chair decor are some things that can transform a wedding dramatically. A customised wedding is hard to forget and will have people talking long after the day is gone. It doesn’t take too much, though to add that touch of elegance to a couple’s special day. What is necessary is creativity to turn even the most basic ideas into unique elements.

Mirrored Table Tops

Mirrors on tables is one idea to try for truly stunning weddings. Once that ballroom at the Royal Lancaster London is booked, one can turn it into a magnificent sight with mirrored table tops. This decor tip eliminates the costs of table linen. The surfaces will reflect the nearby objects, which makes for amazing views. Tables will feel bigger and the room will appear larger than it is.

Personalised Invitations

A couple shouldn’t wait until the D-Day to show guests how special the event is going to be. They should start by customising the invitations. One idea is to use a personalised rubber stamp on the card to make it stand out. Watercolour paper makes for very pretty invitation cards and the colours can match the wedding theme. Filling out the cards in calligraphy is the ultimate touch of class.

Photo Booth

A photo booth at a corner of the room or outside the reception area will make picture taking fun for the guests. If the budget allows, a couple can rent a photo booth. However, a person can DIY a booth with cardboard boxes. Props in the booth make it easier for people who may be camera shy.

Washroom Amenities

The use of baskets at the comfort area for the guests is another great idea. They can have ‘his’ and ‘hers’ amenities to make things easier. Towels, painkillers, handwash and hand lotion are among the items to include. The baskets can have ribbons that match the wedding decorations.

Chair Decor

The chairs can be part of the decor by draping them in satin ribbons. One idea is to wrap a sash diagonally at the back of the chair and tie it in a bow that is a bit off centre. Alternatively, decorators can run linen at the back of the chair then leave it to trail to the ground.

With a few touches, a couple can transform their wedding into the epitome of elegance.


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