A guide to Bayswater

The area is located near the greatest green space in London, Hyde Park. It boasts a rich social and cultural mix, highlighted by the unique and authentic restaurants and food stalls lining up Queensway. If you are visiting the area, here is a handy guide.

Where to stay

Bayswater is known for having a large number of hotels in London. This means there is ample accommodation. Nonetheless, if you are planning to stay, it is highly advisable to make your accommodation plans early since there is a lot of demand.

Going out

There are numerous options if you are looking for a night out for food and drinks. Hereford road provides ample British cuisines with a twist, while you may also want to try out Cypriot Aphrodite Taverna to experience why it is a favourite among locals. You may also want to visit Halepi, and may even bump into Richard Branson who is a frequent visitor. If you are looking for a drink, Leinster Arms will give you a classic treat of a British Pub, while there are also other pubs such as the Mitre Townhouse, Old Mary’s, the Swan and Porchester, among other choices. If you love art, you may want to look at the Print Room for some amazing collections.

The proximity of Bayswater to the biggest green space in London and also its large number of hotels makes it an ideal location for visitors.


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